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Satori – a moment of sudden enlightenment often related to logic and reason

The Satori Project’ is a full spectrum psychedelic music based experience. Currently hosting club events focused on production, Musical prowess and unparalleled vibrations.   

Started by two individuals BRUNO VIBETECH and HENRY GARDNER that became close friends while attending the psytrance events in the UK. On the car ride in between multiple events together, Satori was born with a focus on improving and implementing the best aspects of our own personal experiences from around the world and the UK. Sharing a serious passion for the progression of the events in the UK, similar morals and musical taste allows the duo to work so well together. 

Our Aim is to bring our impression of the highest quality psychedelic events to the north of England, in an environment fit for purpose. To create and continue connections between beautiful like minded people. Allow for new listening experiences with quality acts from around the UK and international artists. Engaging new audiences to continue Psytrance for years to come. Having a safe environment for people to express themselves as individuals without judgement!

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